Thursday, May 21, 2009

'Swag Season'

Yesterday morning, I bounded out of my bed, took a long look in the mirror (word to Michael Jackson), and said 'What's up?' After all, I'm on break until Summer I starts in a couple of weeks. Last night, I got home from the gym pretty late, but just in time to see the Magic upset the Cavs. My swagger was at 1.9 trillion. I turned on the stereo in the garage, got me some strawberry Fanta, and they started playing some sick jawns on the local hip-hop station. I was jerking with no hands, mastered my Rack Daddy x Frankie x Ricky Bobby, and even segued into a swag surf. It was just me, the dim light in the garage, my headphones plugged into the stereo system, and visions of spending time with my girl this weekend.

Then it happened.

At 2:30 A.M., this lady storms downstairs in her nightclothes, and in broken English / Spanish, says: "What the @%$# are you still doing up? Go to @#$%@(( bed." I started to tell her that I'm on summer break, but I didn't want to get smashed in the face (for probably and literally the 96th time in my evanescent life) with those nefarious chancletas.

My swagger instantaneously dropped to -21. I now have to work harder than ever if I want to succeed this 'swag season.' image

Friday, May 15, 2009

When One Closes, Another One Opens

For better or worse, it's been a wild semester for me.

I've had people close to me perish, in ways physical, spiritual, and mental.

As easy as it is for me to say I'm going to pray for someone, one of the hardest things for me to do is to pray for myself, no matter how much I might need guidance from the Man Upstairs.

Looking at a few different things in my life right now, I know for a fact that I'm going to have to start giving up some of my current obligations. As much as it pains me to say it, outside of weekly Bible Study and one other major organization I am a part of at school, I'm going to have to pare things down to the bare essentials.

All I can do is my best, and pray to the Lord for guidance, no matter how tough times may get and how hopeless I may feel at times.

After all when one door or window closes, another one opens...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Wow, this morning was an anomaly.

I didn't hear my alarm clock go off. I actually slept in. Guess what time I woke up?

...9:30 A.M. That's late by my usual standards. Oh well, I still got plenty of stuff done today all over the place.

And since I just finished writing a long comment in reference to Officer Rick... er, "Rick Ross," why not share it with the masses?

In response to Boney Starks in reference to Phonte's sticking up for Rick Ross:

...With all due respect Tommie, who appointed Phonte the omnipotent hip-hop
critic? Some of his points are valid, but at other times he sounds contrite and
bitter that he no longer has 9th Wonder as a collaborator and Little Brother
never really hit well with the mainstream crowd.

The difference between OB4CL and Officer Ricky's material is that it was a concept album that represented the Wu mythology and much of the decadence of early-90s New York better than any album outside of Illmatic, the greatest hip-hop album of all time.

Ross, on the other time, is flippantly fraudulent about his actual criminal
exploits, and since we've found out that he was actually a correctional officer
in real life, has become a living paradox. Many people in Ross' circle are
legit, but he is what they call "flaw" in Liberty City, Overtown, et. al.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One More Time

When exchanging contacts, a friend recently asked me why I only accept calls during certain hours of the day or night. I'm usually not home. Half of the time when I'm on FaceBook or Twitter or what have you, I'm literally not even in front of a computer. I don't consider my schedule "crazy," but I have to make sacrifices if I want to be successful someday.

07:25 AM: Wake up

07:45: Leave home for campus to help set up Community Picnic / Chili Cook-Off

09:00: Get my first break, first actual meal of the day. (Go to the library to check my e-mail / study)

09:20: Return to courtyard to continue setting up displays, assisting vendors / retailers / staff

10:45: Make my rounds and continue to help out middle school / elem. students on field trip

11:00 Go to Central Texas College / Tarleton Gym with Gina to deliver food to the ppl. @ the front desk

11:20: Go back, get more food for the men and go back to the courtyard again to begin taking everything down

12:00 PM: Everything is taken down for the most part. Now SIFE / Culinary Arts / Great Western volunteers are putting the food away and indoors before it starts raining.

12:30: Everything is put away. Now we go into the kitchen to put away the food, take a break to get something to drink.

13:00: We are finally finished. I get my food for my mother and family and put it in one of the freezers / fridges in the kitchen.

13:30: I go into the library to check e-mail / study some more.

14:00: I go to CTC Gym do agility and shooting drills, in addition to calisthenics

15:00: I shower, clear out my locker for the semester. Go back to the library to study some more / check more e-mails

15:30: Go back to the gym, but remember I left something in the Student Center...

16:00-30: I see Steph that works in the library in the Student Center waiting for his ride to another county. We walk up to the gym to shoot-around / chop it up for a minute

17:00-18:30: I take a break, get my notes / things together/ shoot some pool / watch ESPN until my ride comes

18:30: Ride with my mother to run errands go to the Mall

19:00: Arrive at the mall looking for some new Hyperdunkcs or some light-weight basketball shoes for a decent price since my Huarache 2K4's snakeskin literally snapped after I've been walking miles and through grass and playing basketball in them

19:30: Go to Xpressive Streetwear and find a flier for a mixer in another county over hosted by OZONE Magaazine and other local, prominent talent

20:00: Go to Dillard's to find a nice linen pant appropriate for the weather

20:30: Finally leave the Mall, go home and eat, talk to my Mother, and clean up and put my things away

21:00: Talk to Da Mic Wrecka about securing credentials / VIP pass

21:20: Consult with a liason about procuring a ride to the next county over

21:45: Begin getting dressed / etc.

22:30: Liason arrives at home and I introduce him to my family

23:15: We are finally in Heights. It takes us a minute to find the club because of all the clubs on Veteran's Memorial

23:35: Ask for Big Will @ the door; get my wristband

00:00-2:30 A.M.: Consult and network with various entities, enterprises, and tastemakers

2:45: My cab arrives...

3:05: I finally get home, take out the trash, do the dishes, clean up, edit some notes and highlight contact information

3:20: I call and check up on a friend in another time zone

3:38: I finally start to fall asleep.

"If you don't work, you don't eat. If you don't grind, you won't shine. (But you said that line before!) Well I'ma say it one more time..."

-Mike Jones