Sunday, May 3, 2009


Wow, this morning was an anomaly.

I didn't hear my alarm clock go off. I actually slept in. Guess what time I woke up?

...9:30 A.M. That's late by my usual standards. Oh well, I still got plenty of stuff done today all over the place.

And since I just finished writing a long comment in reference to Officer Rick... er, "Rick Ross," why not share it with the masses?

In response to Boney Starks in reference to Phonte's sticking up for Rick Ross:

...With all due respect Tommie, who appointed Phonte the omnipotent hip-hop
critic? Some of his points are valid, but at other times he sounds contrite and
bitter that he no longer has 9th Wonder as a collaborator and Little Brother
never really hit well with the mainstream crowd.

The difference between OB4CL and Officer Ricky's material is that it was a concept album that represented the Wu mythology and much of the decadence of early-90s New York better than any album outside of Illmatic, the greatest hip-hop album of all time.

Ross, on the other time, is flippantly fraudulent about his actual criminal
exploits, and since we've found out that he was actually a correctional officer
in real life, has become a living paradox. Many people in Ross' circle are
legit, but he is what they call "flaw" in Liberty City, Overtown, et. al.

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