Monday, June 22, 2009

Heaven Is A Playground

Before I begin, I have to show some love to my friend Alisha, always representing LA to tthe fullest (yet she has a better Polo collection than I do... :-/)

My life can be summed up in four words right now: "Live in the Sky." I'm not even talking about the song of the same name by rapper / activist Clifford "T.I." Harris.

For one thing, I know for certain that if I cannot count on any organismon on this planet, dead or living, I can always count on my celestrial father, the majestic Jehovah Jirah.

Additionally, the old adage has proven all too true for me now at 21 more than ever: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

For example, look at the dismantling of New York Cify rap supergroup the Diplomats by fraudulent Kufi-smacker Jim Jones. (Jim, why is Stack Bundles' family getting no money even though you use his lyrics in your published, major label songs?)

Moreover, a statement made by Grammy-winning music producer Bryan-Michael Cox has proven to be eerily prophertic in my life: "Money makes the [stuff] funny.]

Like my man 100K told me a month or so ago, "Money and family are like oil and water... They don't mix."

Regardless of the tough lessons I 've learned, though, I want to leave the reader with this. As the old sports maxim goes, "It ain't over until it's over."

After all, NBA great and three-time NBA Champion guard Derek Fisher missed five of his first seven signature, "lefty" three-point attempts in Game Four of the 2009 NBA Finals. He only made his last two shots.

Those "last" two shots were the beginning of the end for the Orlando Magic in the fourth game of an incendiary playoff, and perhaps more importantly, championship series.

Final score:


(To be continued...)

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