Wednesday, September 9, 2009


At 21 years, I can say that I've had a decent run. I am in no way suicidal nor do I have a defeatist attitude towards my shortcomings so far in life, but I can finally look in the mirror each night when I scrub my enormous teeth, and get my winks in so that when I hear my alarm the following morning, it happens:

I hop up out the bed, turn my swag on, and well... You know the rest.

The only thing was, for the past month, I could not do that, for two good reasons. (Hint: They both came out of my mouth.)

My sideways wisdom teeth had to come out! Bloody murder! "No!" I screamed subconsciously.

Jokes aside, I say all that to say this: From missing the beginning of semester to basically being incubated from my normal life (which features everything from daily Tweets about random-yet-noteworthy events and trying to develop a jumper that may never come naturally to me), we as people never realize how valuable our lives are until they're gone. Mentally, it was like I never left; I still read the paper daily and when I felt creative, would write in my journal.

Ultimately though, I yearned to be in a different place physically, and emotionally, I was bitter that my prognosis was coming sooner than later.

We, especially all my fellow young people out there, have to stop making excuses for ourselves, especially finding reasons to be sad and despondent. There can always be darker days, and believe you me, I'm saying that from experience.

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