Saturday, September 12, 2009


They say all work no play makes the person in question rather boring, don't they? If that's the case, I must be a boring dude. All I know how to do is work hard!

This is probably why I am taking a break. Because If I work as hard as I say I do, I seldom think of even relaxing for the mere sake of doing it. So for me, going on hiatus is out of the question.

Thank God I'm not the only person who cares about me.

To anyone out there wondering what it would be like if I actually focused on dropping that mixtape someday soon, or compiling those essays, or fleshing out those pitches, or even just coming back home for a minute like I said I would everyday since I left in 2006...

Thank you. You remind me that as hard as I work and as much potential I have to make a difference someday, the most interesting thing is that I may of already have.

This is Legacy Elite, going into the fourth quarter. Gametime.

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