Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All The Best

Lately, the lyrics to a familiar '80s song continue to play in my head: "Sugar free... in the night... / I'm sugar free... in the day / (All my sugar's gone, [she's] gone away).) Whether I'm trying to emulate the sounds of a Roland TR-808 drum machine for a drum track, or just watching the snow fall, I end up thinking about people that mean something to me, and in this case, a female companion.

It's no surprise that for someone as personable as I am, I tend to be rather aloof when it comes to discussing matters of the heart. (As long as mine keeps beating, I'm usually a happy customer.) Sarcasm and jokes aside, I've put my own ambitions second to only trying to help others out, no matter how successful those efforts may end up being. Compound this with me having a rather unsuccessful adolescence in terms of interactions with females, and I'm something of a jaded individual when it comes to romance.

But when it comes to this one girl... There's something different about her. Something intangible, a je ne sais quoi. I generally don't have time to consider dating a girl, so the word 'marriage' isn't in my extensive vocabulary at this point in my young life, but she's the kind of girl I could see myself marrying someday. She has a beautiful smile, real cute face, stunning figure, and these soft, brown eyes... And she's bright, too. She wants to be an elementary school teacher, and I can see why: She comes from the kind of family that I do, so being around kids isn't an issue with her.

I probably wouldn't even take the time out to write this if it wasn't something I think about some days when I get introspective, or don't have something to be doing at that exact moment. Absence must make the heart fonder, because when I was in town I tried to make time for her, but I didn't know what I was missing until I left. I guess what really struck me as different about her and set her apart from the other beautiful girls I come in contact with, is that she didn't need me to validate her... But she still enjoyed my company and chilling with me.

Whether we seriously get involved romantically is irrelevant at this point. As sweet as she's been to me, I wish her all the best.

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