Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Positive Outlook

This new year has been good to me so far. I already feel that much more productive than I did in 2009, and I am getting closer and closer to reaching some of my short term goals. In addition, I've tightened up my inner circle and am not as focused on my own flaws as I was before. The wildest thing I've come to realize about my own potential and expectations for myself is that I don't have a chance of getting anywhere near my goals if I'm standing in my own way.

That realization may be secondhand knowledge to other people, but it's taken countless lectures and dialogues from my father (among other people) to finally scratch the surface of the limitless outer space known as my mind. In other words, a thought that might have crossed other people's minds in less time has just registered with me within the last year or so. And the more I think about it, I guess that just comes from the unique way I look at things... In an abstract, yet ultimately pragmatic manner.

The thing is, a young person still coming up in today's society can't afford to really think this way, unless they have the means to maintain a decent quality of life until they find a way to tap into their potential, and take advantage of their God-given genius. I'm learning this first-hand, and that's probably the reason why for the first time in my young life, I'm starting to appreciate many of the lessons my parents and elders have taught me over the years. For example, both my mother and father stressed the importance of excelling in school, because the thought of them getting a post-secondary education around the time they graduating high school something of a luxury.

If nothing else, I want to look back on 2010 and say it was the best year I've had in recent memory. And if I stay focused on my goals, personal, academic and fiscal, I should have no problem reaching them. It's always good to maintain a positive outlook, because no matter how negative things may get, you can see past them.