Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tender Love

I'm listening to a track I made that sampled a popular 80's song, and while it definitely is waiting for some love-related lyrics to be written to it, I'm not really up for all of that. Maybe it's because I'm too young to really understand what love is between a man and a woman, or maybe it's because I have never really been in love before... Maybe it's a little bit of both. Either way, as I get older, Valentine's Day is proving to be one of the more intriguing dates on my calendar. It's so funny, because people start acting real strange around Valentine's Day. Yes, we all know cuffing season's should be over, but for whatever reason we're stuck with another month of it.

So bearing this in mind, expect dudes to go hard with the cuffing and being simple, while shrewd females the world over are going to take advantage of these peculiar behaviors. I joke a lot, but think about it: What other time of the year do you see members of the opposite sex acting stranger towards you than they normally would? I can't think of one. Don't get me wrong, I imagine it must be great to have a significant other on a "holiday" that was pretty much engineered by the geniuses some candy and card companies years ago, but it doesn't really move me that much.

Additionally, what happens for these people after Valentine's Day? Will they be more in love than they ever were before, or will they have unrealistic expectations for their relationships because of how special their Valentine Days (or Nights, in some cases), were? Relationships are tough enough emotionally as anything we as people experience in our lives, but to set yourself up for failure via a poor relationship choice has to take the cake of questionable moves.

And finally, before I end things, people should definitely know the difference between genuinely loving someone (or something) and "merely" being in love. This is something that causes a lot of confusion, and in many cases, hurt feelings. I remember during a Bible study the teacher went through the different types of loves, like the one we have for God ("agape") and the ones we have for our mother, our father, our siblings, etc. The main thing our mentor was trying to drive home was the true meaning of love, inasmuch as, I much as a I love my mother, I could never love her the way I will love my future wife. There's room for everyone in a sense...

But if you love someone, there has to be room for their feelings, too. It's really easy to indicate you're "in love" with someone, but if you sell them on that and they start actually saying they love you... Well, that's a problem. Many of us feel a need to be in relationships just to say we are in them, or in other words, for that seemingly elusive sense of security. It's whatever. I guess in the end, no matter who you decide is that special one for you or however far your relationship will go, just make sure that "Tender Love" is reciprocated.


  1. :hat. V-Day is nothing but commercialism at its finest. It reaches within the psyche of millions of people to either crush or uplift their feelings of having someone there ONE DAY to make them feel special or noticed. I don't knock it since I've only had a Valentine's the day of twice in my almost 22 years of living. But to me my man should be making me feel special loved noticed and appreciated Jan 1-Dec 31st & not just a national holiday that's created by Hallmark & Co. /rant
    Nice post btw

  2. Thanks... That's the same way I feel about the day. If people are really in love, then they would express that sentiment to their loved one almost every chance they get.

  3. To true man...valentines day is like a ticking timebomb on my calendar...you know its goin down and more than likely innocent civilians are getting caught in the blast radius...no matter how much i try'n avoid it I know somebodies takin on shratnel - Joyce