Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Maybe it's the insomniac in me that has me writing this at such a bewitching hour, maybe it's the blueberry muffin I ate before I left work earlier, maybe it's my dougie... I DON'T KNOW! I kid, I kid. I just thought I'd show some love to some people who are interesting in their own rights.

  • Aaron Butler - That's my brother! No, like, seriously... That's my brother. He's older and has the best advice on pretty much everything. I thank God for him; he's my best friend. Whether it's with my writing or some new tracks I've made, he's supportive and always honest.
  • Matt Brown - This dude... I can't say enough good things about him. Pretty much anyone that's been around me knows that I can go ham sometimes, and he's been one of my friends who has that coolness to balance me out. He hoops, makes beats (makes me keep raising my own standards), and is real funny on the low. Mad props to Matt for being a a good dude.
  • Juice Mayne - I'm not going to use his government, but this is another cool dude that I've down with since ninth grade or so. One of the most laid back people you'll ever meet, and he always knows how to find a good time.
  • Arabia Thompson - When I make it big someday I definitely have to pay her back for her birthday dinner last year... (Sorry Arabia!) Fortunately for me though, she doesn't hold any grudges. She's rather petite, but easily one of the toughest and most focused young people I've probably met up to now. She also has a big heart, but you definitely don't want to rub her the wrong way...
  • Cristina Thomas - She's definitely someone I respect. She's funny, intelligent, and isn't bad on the eyes. Easily one of the best friends anyone could have and now she's a college graduate. Way to go, Tina!

And well, I guess that does it. I'm starting to feel a little sleepy now, so hopefully everyone I shouted out gets to see this. Later...

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