Friday, August 6, 2010

Dream Girl

It might come off as strange, but I tend to look at dreams differently than most people probably do. I look at them as messages from God in a sense; messages that we cannot comprehend when we are conscious because they're genuinely coded in a higher frequency, a higher wavelength. It's almost like the high-pitched sounds that drive dogs crazy: It irks them because they have far better hearing when we do, so it's a wretched sound to their ears but we cannot hear it.

At any rate, I have crazy dreams. Sometimes I find it hard to wake up because it feels like I'm the main character in a surreal version of my own life story, and things can get so intense that I actually talk in my sleep. (That's what I'm told, anyway. I could imagine how funny--if not creepy--it would be to actually watch me talk in my sleep.) But the dream I had last night... It was major on so many levels.

Imagine meeting a beautiful girl... And when I mean beautiful, I don't even mean superficially speaking. She's smart, has a good sense of humor, has goals... She's the total package. She even reads books for fun. (Do people even do that anymore?) You don't rush into anything with her, just in case things fall through, but over time, you two build a decent friendship. It's not too long before you know everything about her and she knows everything about you. The next thing you know, things become official, and things are great.

But what if this wasn't an imaginary girl in the dream, and it was a girl you actually are pretty tight with? One that you can say has a special place in your heart, but you could never really date because you know each other too well? Well, that's exactly what made this dream so unique. It was a fantasy of sorts, but all too realistic at the same time. I could only wish dreams like this one were realities for me.